Worksite Financial Solutions

Creating Confidence

Half of American workers are not ready for retirement, according to the most recent confidence survey published by the Employee Benefit Research Institute. Eighty-one percent of employees say they are a little or a lot behind schedule in planning and saving for retirement. Confusion about retirement plans abounds, leading to decisional paralysis.

  • Workers say they do not know how to save, and fail to see the importance of putting money in a retirement plan, or if they do, are not really sure how their money is invested.
  • The explosion of online technology has put more information at employees’ fingertips, which has been empowering for some, but debilitation for the majority who have saved less than $25,000, for their retirement.
  • In 2012, 42% of adults gave themselves a grade of C,D or F on their knowledge of personal finance, marking a statistically significant change from 2010 when as many as two in three adults rated themselves an A or B.
  • Delayed action may cost employees and employers, in terms of higher salaries (as companies accommodate an aging work force putting off retirement) and increased healthcare costs.

With many American workers confused about how to achieve retirement confidence, it’s time for a comprehensive approach to retirement savings, investing and spending. Help your employees take control of their financial well-being with Worksite Financial Solutions.

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