Plan Sponsor Consultants offers insight and expertise in these key areas of retirement plan management for all plan types and sizes.


We help you bring your plan into line with the highest fiduciary standards, then monitor and manage it to maintain these standards , with services including:

  • Fee/Expense benchmarking versus peer group to eliminate any unreasonable fees
  • Fiduciary Assessment
  • Annual Service provider benchmarking
  • Access to our proprietary Request for Proposal (RFP) and service provider RFP database to conduct RFPs as needed
  • Assistance with 404(c) review and compliance and safe harbor consultations
  • Independent quarterly monitoring report versus peer group
  • Investment Policy Statement review, including purpose, objectives, roles and responsibilities, investment selection and monitoring, and watch list criteria
  • Investment analysis. We manage a “blue ribbon” list of top investment performers for investment lineup selection or replacement


We help your plan create and adapt key plan documents including

  • Investment Policy Statement
  • Quarterly independent monitoring reports
  • Committee by-laws
  • Appointment and acceptance letters for appointment to the Investment Policy Committee


We can assist you in setting up an Investment Committee, if your plan does not already have one, establishing templates for by-laws, minutes and other documents. We can also attend your meeting, to bring expertise and research into the decision process and provide fiduciary training.


We help you give your employees the tools, education and investment options that provide them with a better chance of meeting their goals. Our services include:

  • Worksite Financial Solutions, our comprehensive approach to participant financial well-being, which includes a specified Financial Wellness Benefit (Employee Education Solutions) – For complete details on Worksite Financial Solutions and our Financial Wellness Benefit, please visit the dedicated pages within this site under the services menu.
  • Asset Allocation option selection and analysis to assist the “help me do it” and “do it for me” segments.
  • Behavior-based education, including virtual meetings and classrooms, to empower all participants from “do it for me” to “help me do it” to “do it myself.”
  • Education workshops using multiple multimedia sources
  • Working with participants to achieve higher deferral percentages
  • Help educate participants on suitable asset allocation for their objectives and risk tolerances
  • Rollover education, either one-on-one or through an automated system, at your discretion
  • Group and individual enrollment meetings, both onsite and through the web.

As your partner, we are always available to meet your needs. We answer emails and phone calls within a maximum of 24 hours (usually within two hours). Our professionals can participate in any or all Investment Committee meetings, as needed. Moreover, we commit to providing whatever research or documentation you required at least 48 hours prior to these meetings.


*Blue Ribbon investments are those that score at least 10 points based on a proprietary scoring methodology that evaluates quantitative and qualitative factors with a maximum score of 12 points.