Employee Reactions

What are employees saying to their employers about our new Financial Wellness Benefit?

“This is fantastic! And kudos to you guys for getting _____ involved.”

“My wife and I are expecting our second child in July and we have recently been trying to work through our budgets and account for the upcoming changes of a larger family and her potentially working less. Needless to say, we have been under a great degree of ‘financial stress .’ I am looking forward to participating in this program, and wanted to personally thank you for helping get this together… It is coming at the perfect time!”

“Our company’s financial wellness program advisor has provided exceptional customer service and invaluable advice to my wife and I for our 401(k). She has demonstrated her commitment to ensuring we receive timely, relevant, and complete information to use in managing our account. Simply put, she is a consummate professional. Because of her extraordinary performance in my interactions with her, I will support our Company continuing our relationship with your firm when it is time to renew the contract.”

“This is REALLY cool.  Thanks to whomever worked to make this happen and I look forward to checking this program out.”

“I want to thank you and —- for our financial wellness program advisor. She is helpful, straightforward, and accessible. When you speak with her she conveys an honesty that is so valuable in today’s world. She is providing valuable assistance to me.”