Financial Wellness

Financial worries may be keeping your employees up at night and distracted during the workday. How (or even if) they will be able to retire is one common concern—many employees know they are unprepared for retirement,but don’t know what to do about it. They want and need help.

Financial Wellness  brings your employees a new aspect of health: financial wellness—a truly meaningful element for your employee benefits package.

Employees have other financial concerns, too, like saving for college, getting out of debt and buying a house. These worries may add to the cost of running your business, due to lower productivity, absenteeism and higher healthcare costs. According to one study, these costs can boost your expense line by up to 24%.

Our Financial Wellness Programs  help employees deal with their financial concerns. With access to tools and trusted professionals, they can address their financial concerns and interact with a professional advisor who provides unbiased advice which means employees gain confidence to make more informed financial decisions.

Using a holistic approach, financial wellness benefits provide customized solutions based on your specific population.

Step 1: Financial Wellness Assessment

Employees participate in a survey that targets their specific concerns. They answer a variety of questions to help themselves understand their financial situation and realize their priorities, vulnerabilities, challenges, etc. It also develops an aggregate report to show the Plan Sponsor some of the areas where their workforce needs guidance, education, assistance, and attention.

Step 2: Education

Once we understand where employees need help, we deliver the education they need, using an optimal combination of online and group employee meetings. The modules are designed to address the areas identified as most important for your particular employees. There are a wide variety to choose from, including:

  • The Retirement Zone, New Choices and Possibilities
  • Romance and the Business of Life, Managing Marriage and Money
  • Women, Money and Choices
  • Kids and Cash

 Step 3: Marketing

In partnership with Plan Sponsor Consultants, we make your financial wellness program turn-key. We will assist you throughout the process from developing goals to marketing the benefit. Your employees should see this as something to help them. Check out our Employee Reactions page for some of the responses we have received from employees.  You not only want your employees to benefit from it, but you want them to see that you as an employer value them and have done this for them. We can help make that a focus of your marketing.

Step 4: Results Tracking

A vital part of the program is the ability to track results. You’ll be able to access results measuring employee progress toward their financial goals.

When employees understand their finances and take appropriate action, they may be better positioned to:

  • Retire on time
  • Stay more productive at work
  • Enjoy better health

All of these actions help save money for your company.