Future Thinking and To-Do’s

I don’t know about you, but I love making a to-do list when I start thinking about the future; it helps keep me focused and motivated. All too often, if I don’t write something down or create an action plan, then the work that needs to be done goes undone.

Creating a retirement plan sponsor to-do list can help you get organized with your paperwork and make those required plan sponsor tasks more manageable. Plan documents and regulatory recordkeeping forms can quickly and easily start to overflow if you don’t have a firm strategy in place for handling the chore. Make sure you stay on top of the key documents and requirements by reading Keep From Swimming in Retirement Plan Paperwork.

Consider spreading the to-do list mentality onto your Gen X participants as well. While these employees were on average the hardest hit by the Great Recession in 2008, they still have time to recoup and build their retirement savings. Help them with their retirement readiness plan by checking out Gen Xers Need Attention Too!

On a more cerebral note, have you ever thought about our language and how it may affect our ability to save (or not save)? Behavioral economist Keith Chen believes future and futureless speakers have a vastly different view on retirement because of their language. See a summary of his fascinating findings in Does Language Dictate Savings Rates?

Chen’s research and the work of other economists and retirement industry specialists is so vital right now as we continue to look for ways to help people better prepare for their retirement future. We are making great progress, and by working as a team we can continue to create a positive impact. Please feel free to call us at any time with questions.