Plan Cost Analysis

Retirement plans aren’t free.  As a business owner, it’s easy to understand, but what are the real costs? What are we paying for and why?  These are great questions and exactly what we are going to answer.  There are a lot of questions about soft costs, hard billables, revenue sharing […]

Are Auto Features the Future of 401(k)?

Everything these days seems to be automated from reminders for doctors’ appointments, to bill paying, to (something clever). And why not?! Automation is the future, but does this apply to retirement planning as well? Auto-features are gaining traction and participants are more open to them than originally expected. A 2016 […]

The Value of an Advisor to your Financial Wellness Program

Several of the industry’s large record-keepers have recently announced partnerships with financial wellness vendors to bring directly to their plan clients. For example, T. Rowe Price recently partnered with Smart Dollar; Fidelity recently announced their own program and began rolling it out to large plan clients. As promoters and supporters […]

Future Thinking and To-Do’s

I don’t know about you, but I love making a to-do list when I start thinking about the future; it helps keep me focused and motivated. All too often, if I don’t write something down or create an action plan, then the work that needs to be done goes undone. […]